About Us


To respectfully and compassionately meet the needs of our clients and their families, by listening, planning, educating, and delivering the highest quality of individualized care.


Everyone assists with the creation of an environment where integrity, respect, innovation, initiative, and empowerment are valued and encouraged. We will be an open, innovative, and continuous learning company that compassionately supports the individuals we serve. In supporting our mission, vision and teamwork approach, we place high value on:

• Integrity, Honesty and Ethical Behavior

• Dedication to Empowerment of others and personal responsiveness

• Professional Excellence and High Performance

• Mutual Respect, Individual Dignity, and Diversity

• Team Member Participation, Contribution, and Teamwork

• Growth, Development, and Leadership

“The inspiration for starting this agency came from my own personal experience with my parents. As my parents aged, I was faced with the harsh reality that they could no longer function at the level they once did. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and my father with Parkinson’s. Their health was rapidly declining, and they needed 24-hour care. I could not stand the thought of them having to leave the comfort of their home to receive care, and I still wanted them to feel a sense of independence. I decided in-home care would be the best option for them, and along with several other providers I myself became a provider for them. While this was indeed the best option for my parents, I soon discovered the difficulties of finding an Agency who was truly compassionate and cared for not only the needs of their clients, but also their providers. This was a battle I fought with several agencies all the way up until the passing of both my parents. My experience inspired me to start an agency that would fulfill all the things I felt were lacking for my parents and myself. I vowed to create an environment of compassion and professionalism, where clients and providers feel welcomed, appreciated, and understood.”

-Alma Jaurrieta, Program Administrator